Why Is The Use Of A Casino API Recommended?

We all know that customization is king when it comes to the niche of white label casino software. Today, many turnkey casino software providers strive hard to offer software programs that feature technical flexibility and high levels of customization for their casino operator customers. Because successful turnkey casinos do not follow a one-size-fits-all model, software providers must keep up with the times and provide plenty of customization features to win over niche-targeting casino operators today.

Integration Solutions

There are also lots of cross-marketing opportunities arising from the need to have a seamless integration of a casino with an existing website structure or certain web services. So when casino operators seek a deep integration, software providers can provide solutions in two ways:

  • Using an API to integrate the online casino into the website or web services
  • Building the integration features from scratch

The main difference between these two solutions is that the first method can be sourced from existing APIs while the second method has to be built by software providers as an additional paid service. Therefore, you can expect the use of an API to be most cost effective as well as provide the turnkey casino operator with more flexibility for the integration.

What Can a Casino API Do for You?

It is not surprising that more and more casino operators chose to use a casino API to facilitate the integration of a casino with their website or web services today due to the financial and technical advantages provided. A quality casino API can perform the following tasks:

  • Integrate additional games
  • Integrate alternative casino components
  • Create player accounts
  • Crediting player accounts
  • Withdraw money from player accounts
  • Setting up parameters for free spins and bonus games
  • Crediting free spins and bonus games to player accounts
  • Send out emails such as promotional emails, bonus updates and so on
  • Synchronize or edit player account data
  • Retrieve statistical data
  • Present game previews

The above list is not exhaustive and there are many other functions that a casino API can do. If you are a casino operator, you should realize by now that there are benefits for you to gain when you integrate your casino with web services via a casino API, and your investment will enjoy better continuity and be future-proofed if you depend on an API in the coming days.

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