About TST

Technical Systems Testing (TST) is an internationally recognized and independent accredited testing facility for both land based and online gaming operations. It was established in Australia in 1993 and also has offices in Vancouver, London and Macau.

TST audits and certifies that the online gaming operations are fair, secure and auditable. It also certifies that the gaming operations comply with the industry standards and meet the statutory requirements imposed by the licensing jurisdiction. Certificates issued by TST are accepted by software suppliers, licensors, online casino operators and the community of Internet players.

As far as online gaming is concerned two aspects of TST auditing are crucial. One is the testing of the Random Number Generator (RNG). In online casino games the outcomes have to be unpredictable yet fair. For example in roulette players should not be able to predict the next number. But over a very large number of spins each number should have been called with about the same frequency. In online roulette this is achieved through the RNG, which uses a complex mathematical algorithm to generate random numbers. These random numbers are then mapped to numbers on the roulette wheel. The same process is true for the other online casino games. Hence if the random numbers generated by the RNG are fair and unpredictable then the numbers on the roulette wheel or the cards dealt in blackjack or the dice rolled in craps will be fair and unpredictable. TST evaluates both the raw output of the RNG and the output after being mapped to particular outcomes for bias using a number of standard techniques like General RNG analysis, DIEHARD battery of tests and Final Outcome Distribution Tests.

The other critical aspect of TST evaluation concerns the games. The games are first evaluated for source code correctness, artwork, functionality and game specific aspects. But more important are the payout calculations that are performed periodically using live data generated in actual online casino gaming operations. The average payout percent is the amount paid out by the online casino per $100 wagered. This figure is calculated over the set period for each game group and across all games as well. TST reports these findings by way of a certificate that is then put up in public domain by the casino operator. The players can then compare the actual payouts offered and decide whether to play at that casino or not.

When online casino software has been tested by TST all stake holders are assured of the accuracy and credibility of the results because of the experience TST brings to the table and because of its independent nature. The licensors find it easier to license operations that have been tested by TST, software providers find it easier to get client operators if their software has been tested by TST and online casino operators find it easier to draw traffic if their operations have been audited by TST.

TST specializes in the following testing services:

  • Games
  • Mathematics Evaluations
  • Field Data Analysis
  • Game Payout Calculations (Periodic)
  • Random Number Generator (RNG)
  • Base Interface Evaluations

For more information, please, visit http://www.tstglobal.com.

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