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EntroPay facilitates online transactions through virtual prepaid cards. The billing company offers consumers a safe, reliable way to fund their online casino accounts.

The virtual prepaid cards make payments fast and simple for both online gamblers and online casino operators by removing the obstacles that often make sending and receiving money slow, tedious and expensive.

Improving your ability to cash in and out is often the core aspect in attracting more players to your online casino. EntroPay can boost your attractiveness and increase your sales of virtual chips by giving you the ability to:

  • Enable Payment. EntroPay’s speed and convenience can break down traditional payment barriers that cause online casino operators to lose customers at the point of purchase. EntroPay’s virtual prepaid cards are a convenient payment option for consumers who do not have to or do not use bank cards online. For those who regularly pay by credit or debit card but may experience difficulty completing a transaction, EntroPay offers higher approval rates than in most bank cards.
  • Increase conversions. Fewer restrictions and a simple registration process make EntroPay one of the easiest ways to pay. The virtual prepaid cards allow your online casino gamblers not only complete their transactions right away, but also make future account funding quickly and easily. In addition, the ability of EntroPay to access established payment networks increases approval rates — and recaptures lost players — with no added risk to online casino business operators.
  • Pay globally. EntroPay’s virtual prepaid cards allow receiving and sending cross-border payments in a manner that is efficient and economical. No longer worry about which payment method to use in which country. With few exceptions, EntroPay can be used to send money to just about anyone, anywhere. The web-based payment solution enables you to issue payments in a variety of currencies and save on foreign exchange rates.
  • Tap emerging markets. Increase your attractiveness in up-and-coming markets by offering EntroPay as a reliable payment option to new gamblers. EntroPay is a proven payment system in emerging online gambling markets such as Latin America and Far East can greatly increase your market reach as well as your revenue by making payment possible or more reliable in these regions.

Using EntroPay

Receiving Payments
If you already accept Visa as a form of payment, EntroPay works immediately with no required hardware integration or additional back-office processes. Just add EntroPay as a payment option, and you will be provided with a unique link that allows users to easily go from your online casino cashier to EntroPay web payment application without interruption.

Sending Payments
Simply open a merchant funds account with EntroPay and choose the method by which payment instructions will be sent: manual, batch file upload or API. Online account management and reporting are available 24/7 from any location through the secure web-based interface.

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