EcoCard is a free credit card alternative primarily targeted at online gamers. Based in the UK, ECO is an internationally available payment service. Using an SSL banking interface server as a means of making real time financial transactions, an ECO account comes with account history tracking and real-time balance information. Billing itself as an alternative to credit cards, the ECO card does not take credits card for deposits, Rather, ECO accepts bank transfers and a variety of alternative payments including:

  • Western Union Wire Transfer
  • MoneyGram Transfer
  • Private Money Transfers
  • Bank Account Wire Transfers

The card is convenient for international users, in that it allows multiple currencies, such as Pounds Sterling, Euros and Dollars. The account also includes a currency conversion component that will let account holders make payments at merchants who deal in different currencies than the currency of their ECO account. ECO Card also allows transfers from other ECO Cards and withdrawals from ECO Card online casino merchants.

All services are free except for small fees imposed on withdrawals.

ECO caters to online gamblers and therefore allows withdrawals from online casino accounts into one’s ECO account. Withdrawals from one’s ECO Card come with a flat $10 fee for bank wire transfers or a $25 fee for checks. Registration, deposits to an ECO Card, and payments to online merchants are all Free. Transfers to other ECO Cards and email transfers impose a 1.5% fee on the amount transferred. Other fees may be imposed by one’s banking institution and/or for international transfers.

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