Neteller has since 1999 been providing the world with a safe, easy, and attractive means of transferring monies over the World Wide Web. Based out of the Isle of Man and regulated in the United Kingdom, Neteller truly is the leader of online payment solutions.

How Neteller Works

A Neteller account allows its owners to transfer money across the web having paid the funds into the account via a credit card or directly from a bank account. There are two types of Neteller account; Neteller Express, and Neteller Extended. Accounts can be set up in Pounds Sterling, Euros, Canadian Dollars, US Dollars, and Swedish Krona. The deposit limit for the Neteller Express account is 2, 500 Euros, whilst the Neteller Extended has a rolling limit. The other differences between the two types of account is that the Neteller Extended allows for merchant transfers, peer-to-peer transfers, prepaid cards and withdrawals, whereas the Neteller Express only allows for merchant transfers. Both types of account are free; the choice simply depends on one’s personal needs.

Deposits into your Neteller account can be done via local bank deposit or international bank transfer free of charge, or credit/debit card at a cost of 3.9%. Instant bank deposit is also possible but the charges vary from country to country. Of all these methods, it is the instant bank deposit, and the credit/debit card that has instant funding features; the others require a clearing period of 3–5 working days.

In order to withdraw funds from you Neteller account your have four options: bank wire, check, member wire, and prepaid card. The prepaid card is a wonderful Neteller feature that not only provides flexibility but also the quickest method of withdrawal of funds just one day. The prepaid card is a direct access card to your Neteller funds. If you have a prepaid card you can use it in shops as a point-of-sale card, of course use it online, but also use it in an ATM to withdraw cash funds.


It is precisely the prepaid card that acts as the best example of why so many people choose Neteller. There are a lot of e-wallet providers online, but few of them show the initiative that Neteller does. The prepaid card allows you to take care of all your banking needs through this one online provider. Whilst other companies will claim to do this, it simply isn’t true.

With other providers you will always have to wait long periods to receive your money, and in order to receive that money you will always have to have it mailed to you or deposited in your bank. The prepaid card however obliterates the need for a secondary institution, allowing you direct physical access to your funds. Furthermore, Neteller, offers competitive rates, fast service, secure transactions and rewards.

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