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iTech Labs Australia specializes in independent testing and certification of online gaming systems. We have independently tested and certified some of the largest online casino and poker systems in the world. Integrity, accountability and a commitment to protect player’s interests are our guiding principles. Our staff has been at the forefront of development of the Australian internet gaming standards, now used in various forms by regulators worldwide.

Two areas of online gambling are of particular interest to licensors, operators and players and iTech Labs offers comprehensive services in both. These are Return To Player (RTP) audit and certification of the Random Number Generator (RNG). iTech Labs evaluates RNGs with respect to the following parameters: statistical randomness; internal state of the RNG; unpredictability; non-repeatability and re-seeding and cycling. The testing of the RNG is conducted in three stages. The first is the examination of the source code. In the second stage the raw numbers generated by the RNG algorithm are subjected to “diehard” tests. Finally scaled output samples are generated for a variety of outputs like single and multiple deck card games, slots, backgammon, bingo, dice games and virtual racing. Scaling tests are applied to the scaled outputs. After the testing the RNG module is sealed. In order to ensure that the RNG has not been tampered with a signature of the sealed RNG module is generated daily and automatically transmitted to iTech Labs.

The RTP testing is carried out on a periodic basis using the actual data from the servers of the online casino. The reports are displayed at the online casino. Actual payouts and wagers for each game and game type are extracted from the actual data. Then the percentage of the winnings to the amounts wagered are calculated for each game type and also for across all games. These are the RTPs, also known as average payout percentages. The actual RTPs calculated are compared with the relevant theoretical values. Prior to carrying out the RTP testing, iTech Labs conducts a number of sanity checks to make sure that the data extracted from game logs are consistent and complete.

Evaluations by iTech Labs

The sites tested/audited by iTech labs can be identified by the iTech Labs logo at the bottom of the home page. The logo is linked to a certificate issued by iTech Labs. The certificate itself is hot linked to the original at iTech Labs web site. iTech labs performs testing of the following software solutions:

  • Casino games (Slots, Video poker, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Keno, Dice games etc);
    Financial market games;
  • Maths evaluations – theoretical Return To Player (RTP) calculations;
  • Mobile games;
  • Multi lingual evaluation of gaming site content;
  • Multiplayer Backgammon games and tournaments;
  • Multiplayer Bingo games and tournaments;
  • Multiplayer Blackjack games and tournaments;
  • Multiplayer Poker games and tournaments;
  • Random Number Generators (RNG);
  • RNG output audits of real money games (applicable to card, dice, ball games);
  • RTP audits of real money games (applicable to all casino games);
  • Sports betting systems;
  • Virtual racing games.

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