Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a time-tested tool to boost your online casino sales of virtual chips without spending a fortune on promotion campaigns. Pay-per-performance model, which lies at the root of affiliate marketing, is very beneficial for merchants, meaning that they don’t have to pay unless a sale is made.
But to take full advantages and avoid potential problems that affiliate marketing has, you may need a professional help. Before starting an affiliate marketing campaign it is highly advisable to think over the following components of a successful affiliate marketing:

  • niche affiliate programs research,
  • prospective affiliate partners research,
  • affiliates recruitment,
  • affiliate program promotion.

Some online casinos and poker rooms already have inbound functionality to easy start and control their affiliate marketing campaigns. Ask your software vendor if they offer affiliate program functionality in their software package. This functionality enables you to provide your affiliates with a special link to your online casino in a form of a banner, text link, button or any other means. When a player starts playing on real money at your casino, your affiliate will be awarded with a commission of the player’s money lost. Affiliate tracking software will help increase your online casino players. Usually you can also customize the commission schedule for individual affiliates.

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