Turnkey Casino Features

Highly Demanded Features Overview

As being the easiest way to start an online casino, turnkey online casino solutions have become very popular options among the overwhelming majority of investors and online casino operators. Nowadays a great number of online casino software developers offer their turnkey solutions to start their online casino business.

Casino software you choose should be a feature-rich fully functioning system, simple in terms of usability and managing. A good online casino solution should possess such features as:

  • reliability,
  • stability,
  • high speed of query processing,
  • multifunctional performance,
  • multiple payment options support,
  • multilingual support,
  • easy integration,
  • customization,
  • new games adding opportunity.

Very often the question of customization comes to the forefront when speaking about attractiveness and uniqueness of an online casino. Most of online casino software developers do not offer the appropriate level of software customization opportunities, pushing investors to paying more money for custom development of casino software. A lot more money and effort is spent for a unique games development. Though possessing all needed functionality custom created casino games can be not reliable enough because of the lack of testing. Turnkey solutions are sure to be installed in several casinos, and it helps revealing important bugs. For that reason the opportunity for customization of already existing turnkey solutions is highly important.

Typical Casino Software Solution Structure

Usually a typical online casino consists of 3 basic functional parts:

1. Casino Website. The website enables every player to play online casino games. Apart from main functions, the website fulfils a marketing and informational function. By means of the website a client can use the following services:

  • Casino games play
  • System data obtaining
  • Receiving information about the conditions of the system use
  • System news viewing

2. Casino Server. Casino server is a single system that fulfills the games logic and manages all casino games implemented to the system. Every game has its separate logic part that manages the game.

3. Casino Back End. Back end (or administrative module) is a console used for online casino system processes viewing and control.

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