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In case you have decided to purchase a turnkey casino software solution, it is highly important to choose a right software provider. Contemporary IT market offers a vast choice of online casino software vendors promising to bring your online casino project to fruition. It is too hard not to get lost in the abundance of those offers.

HowToStartCasino offers you to look through the list of questions you have to ask a casino software developer before making a decision:

1. Age and Experience

Ask them about their age and experience in the market of online casino software development. It is not really recommended to purchase any casino software solutions from those companies that have less than 5 years of experience specifically in the sphere of online gambling. Since the industry requires thorough research of players demands, newcomers to the industry may have neglected some important features when chasing for outer attractiveness.

2. Demo

Ask them to show you demo versions of the games they have created. It is extremely important to have a full understanding of what software solutions a company offers. Buying a pig in a poke has never been a good idea.

3. Design

You do not want to appear on the sidelines of the industry because of the poor design of your online gambling website. You have to be sure that your online casino or poker room will be designed in full accordance to your vision and the highest demands of the online gambling market. Ask the company to show you a couple of designs they made. Or even ask for a free design sample created on the basis of your description.

4. Back end

Most of the online casino software developers provide you with the access to a system created for you via the back end. It is highly recommended to schedule the back end demonstration. You need to be sure that it is user-friendly, comprehensive and allowing you to fully manage and control your online casino or poker room processes.

5. Payment Options

It is obvious that the more account funding options a player has the larger is the probability they will become your loyal customer. Ask the developer about payment systems compatible with the system it offers.

6. Examples

It would be a good idea to request several live examples of already functioning online casinos or poker rooms to receive a full picture of what a company delivers.

7. References

Existing clients opinions matters, as those casino operators already have the experience of working with the software developer. In case a company can offer no references, it is probably not a reliable software developer.

8. Royalties

Royalty of over 40% is too high. Please, mind that some software developers do not even work on a revenue share basis. If you keep 100% rake and profit, it will give you extra opportunities for advertising and promotion.

9. Support and Maintenance

Ask the online software developer about support and maintenance opportunities. Slow reaction and bad responsiveness of the development team can cost you your revenue and new players trust. Moreover, regular software upgrades are needed to make you online casino up-to-date and attractive for new players.

10. RNG

Random Number Generator is a heart of every casino system. If it functions unreliably or does not provide true randomness, then the whole system can be considered unreliable and dishonest. That is why it is highly important to ask a software development company about the RNG solution used in the casino software it sells.

No doubt that you’ll have your own specific requirements to the software solutions. For that reason you should carefully prepare the list of functional features you’d like your online casino or poker room to have.

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