Smart Payment for the Gaming Industry

Click2Pay is an innovative payment system. The e-wallet solution of the company provides simple, secure payment, and is of particular interest to the online gambling sector. Each online player can maintain a FREE Click2Pay account where they can view and manage all their transactions any time they want.

In the never-ending quest for new markets and corresponding users, the key to success is to cross geographical borders and reach the users where they are. Players want their money where they are ready to spend it, not after the three to five business days it usually takes to credit wire transfers. To provide a player with the funds requested instantly is now a standard in the igaming industry, not just an advantage.

The e-wallet Click2Pay is especially suitable in meeting the various challenges of payment security and flexibility. By providing all necessary tools for simple and safe money-transfer, these withdrawal solutions guarantee spontaneity and security for both users and online casinos operators.

Click2Pay features

  • Digital wallet. It enables your online casino gamblers to settle payments fast and easily, whenever and wherever. Multiple methods for transferring money in and out of accounts provides the greatest flexibility on the internet, for both you and your client.
  • International payment solution. Click2Pay functions internationally offering a multitude of language and currency options, hence overcoming geographical barriers and local restrictions.
  • Flexibility. Click2Pay is recognized worldwide for the flexibility of its solutions. The e-wallet provides your online casino players with a variety of deposit and withdrawal options. Give you clients a chance to settle payments their way.
  • Internationality. Your clients use the currency of their choice, and enjoy the convenience of automatic conversion. Accounts can be funded at customer’s local bank, or online, catering o the user’s preference. Click2Pay provides currency and correspondence options for English, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, French, Turkish, Swedish, and other countries users.
  • Multi-linguicity. The system is multi-lingual from sign-up to support, serve and respect cultural diversity. Your clients interact with Click2Pay, and even their call-center in their native language. Click2Pay is the perfect solution for global business.

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