About OGA

The Online Gaming Alliance (OGA) was founded in 1997 by the Ultra Intranet Media (UIM). UIM owns the online gaming software Grand Virtual and also numerous online casinos that are powered by Grand Virtual. OGA was founded with the objective of inspecting and certifying Grand Virtual online casinos. Those casinos that fulfill its exacting requirements in fairness, security, reliability and entertainment value are allowed to use the OGA logo.

There are thousands of online casinos worldwide that have been approved by OGA and the alliance of these casinos constitutes the OGA. Online gaming operators can become members of the OGA if they fulfill the following conditions. They have to be powered by Grand Virtual software, they have to adhere to the OGA principles and ethics, they have to abide by the OGA Code of Conduct and they should not be associated with any group banned by the OGA.

The primary function of the OGA is to establish guidelines and standards for online gaming practices. These standards cover various aspects of casino functioning and include fair gaming through industry standard odds, secure processing of financial transactions, prompt and reliable payouts to customers, high quality of popular games with advanced graphics, multiple payment options and multiple languages of operation. These benchmarks are made known to all its members through a written code of conduct that all the members of the OGA are obligated to follow. In order to ensure that the associated online casinos are adhering to the set standards the OGA carries out regular audits and rigorous reviews of the casinos’ functioning. In addition the OGA accepts complaints from players about erring online casinos and looks into them. OGA provides an online complaint form that players can fill in. This considerably facilitates the complaints process.

Though players cannot join the OGA there are certain issues that the OGA addresses to the players. First of all, the OGA urges players to exercise their right to select an online casino wisely. The OGA also urges players to read the casino’s rules, to gamble responsibly and to refrain from using fraudulent practices.

The OGA believes that sharing of information is the key to good gaming. It is only when players have the right information can they make the right decisions. Therefore it provides a host of useful information at its website. Players know exactly what to expect from OGA approved casinos and can compare this with other online casinos. At the same time the OGA helps its member casinos in dealing with fraudulent players by sharing information and fraud detection tools with them.

OGA Membership Policy

OGA welcomes reputable gaming site operators who are considering joining the Online Gaming Alliance. Since OGA serves to provide assurances of quality, fair play, security and trust to players and online gaming enthusiasts who visit member sites, applicants and members in good standing must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Software.
    Gaming sites are powered by Grand Virtual technology to guarantee consistent levels of quality, security, reliability and entertainment.
  • Principles and Ethics.
    The owners and operators of the gaming site embrace and endorse the OGA Principles and Ethics.
  • Code of Conduct.
    The gaming site is operated in accordance with the OGA Code of Conduct.
  • Banned Groups.
    The gaming site does not endorse or promote any of the OGA Banned Groups and is not associated with them in any way.
  • Periodic Review by OGA.
    The gaming site will be periodically reviewed by OGA to assure compliance with membership requirements, and to confirm that the site does not endorse, promote or belong to banned groups. Revocation of membership is at the sole discretion of OGA.
  • OGA Logo.
    OGA members in good standing will prominently display the OGA logo on their site and refer players to www.gamingalliance.org for assurances and information about gaming site standards.
  • Problem Site Reporting.
    Players, OGA members or site visitors can report a Problem Site to OGA by filling out the Problem Site Report form.
  • Complaint Investigation.
    OGA will investigate complaints brought against any member. In most situations where OGA determines that a membership policy has been violated, the member will be put on probation and given an opportunity to correct the problem within a specified period of time. If the violation has not been addressed to OGA’s satisfaction in a timely manner, OGA will take appropriate action, including some or all of the following:

    • Revoking the offending site’s OGA membership,
    • Requiring the removal of any and all OGA logos and links from the offending site,
    • Listing the offending site on the OGA Banned Sites page,
    • Broadcasting the offense to the Banned Sites Update e-mail list,
    • Initiating a termination of the Grand Virtual license agreement,
    • Initiating civil action for breach of contract, and
    • Reporting the offense to appropriate gaming regulators or jurisdictional authorities, as warranted.

    Repeat offenders or violators of the Banned Groups policy will be ejected immediately without benefit of a probation period or the opportunity to redress the offense.

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