Curacao Jurisdiction Overview

Curacao is located in the southern part of the Caribbean. It belongs to a group of islands known as the Netherlands Antilles. The islands are a self-governing part of the Dutch Kingdom. Curacao has a stable economy and is considered a highly attractive option for online gambling operators. In fact, it was one of the first jurisdictions in the world to regulate online gambling, which has been a central industry in the country since the decentralization of online gaming from the Curacao Gaming Control Board in 2002.

Since 1996 Curacao offers online gambling operations licensing for eligible applicants. The jurisdiction is considered one of the leading authorities in issuing online gambling licenses. The jurisdiction has maintained unprecedented global recognition and appreciation for its abilities to consistently deliver reliable turn-key professional services to the online gambling sector of marketplace.

Curacao Online Gambling Regulation

Curacao offers one type of license for every online gambling activity. The license covers such forms of remote gambling as games of skill, games of chance and fixed-odds betting.

The jurisdiction authorities have elaborated a comprehensive program the offers software providers and network operators a good opportunity of pre-screening licenses obtained via the confidential probity process. A number of frontrunners of the industry are recipients of this specialized program. It is a turnkey solution aimed to providing assistance to the software vendors and online gambling networks operators to effectively build the business, instead of concentration on bureaucratic aspects.

Curacao is one of the acknowledged leaders in accommodating world offshore financial sector. It possesses a long standing track-record of providing the total infrastructure necessary for supporting global online gambling services and most importantly a jurisdiction where licensed gambling over the Internet is treated as a most favored industry by our government.

Curacao jurisdiction offers full-scale online gambling licensing services to qualified online gambling business operators. All-inclusive packages include Internet gaming license authority, co-location space for your hardware, dedicated bandwidth, redundant power connections, redundant data connections and technical support services.

Application Procedures

The procedure of obtaining an online gambling license is proved to be rather simple and straightforward. All qualified applicants will be sent a set of all required documents, applications, forms, etc. required to apply for a license and establish the required legal entity in Curacao. The jurisdiction requires a Limited Liability company to be open. Company formation, Trust services will be provided by an authorized corporate services provider which operates under the direct supervision of the Central Bank of the Netherlands Antilles. When all the required forms are filled in and supporting documents are collected they need to be sent back for processing and approval. Physical presence of the applicant when submitting the documents is not obligatory.

While the LLC is being formed and your documents are reviewed you should locate the hardware part of the tech side of your online gambling business to the e-zone co-location facility. The legislation of Curacao requires specific technical components of your online gambling product must operate from the e-zone in Curacao. You may purchase all computer hardware directly from Cyberluck which is the reseller of all major brands or you may ship to the e-zone your own hardware duty and tax free.

In order to initiate the process of online gambling license obtaining in Curacao, you should contact the Authority first. You can find all contact information at

Fees and Taxation

Curacao is considered to prove an attractive business environment for International e-commerce. Net corporate business tax is only 2%, 0% tax on Gross Bets, no import duties, no sales (turnover) tax, we do not have VAT in Curacao and dividend withdrawals are not restricted.

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  1. In regards to licensing in Curacao/then moving onto target the US market, this would not be advisable as Curacao license holders are barred from targeting US players per the regulatory restrictions, and expansion of criminal enforcement of the US Wire Act back in January 2019. US Players are only to be targeted by holders of licenses within US States such as Nevada, New Jersey, etc. However, the majority of the rest of the world, can be targeted with the Curacao license, this includes the EU and APAC (Asian Pacific Regions), which when combined comprise the vast majority of all Sports bets worldwide.

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