3 Types Of Customization You Need To Handle To Launch A Turnkey Casino

If you want to experience utmost success as a turnkey casino operator, it is pertinent that you consider the need to customize your casino well besides ensuring quantity and quality of your offered casino games. If you decide to go generic with your turnkey casino, you are heading for eventual doom as players will ascertain your casino site as an unreliable place to play at. Therefore, if you want online players to pour in real money to gamble at your casino, customizing your white label casino software is a factor that you must handle with care and excel in.

Before that, let me clarify that if the white label software that you are purchasing does not allow you to customize its platform and seemingly looks built around the casino games that many other existing online casinos are offering already, you are getting yourself into a bad deal, my friend. Such white label casinos are useless and I advise you to stay far away from them.

Assuming that you are purchasing white label casino software from a legit software provider, here are the three types of customization you need to do:

Customizing the Casino Platform

When we talk about the platform for an online casino, we are talking about:

  • Back-end management that includes the signup/login page
  • Help desk for players
  • Mailer system for retaining players and sending out promotions
  • Affiliate networking software
  • Payment processing modules

You need to make sure that all the elements listed above are customized in accordance with your established brand name and branding voice. Make sure that these features are designed in a coherent and attractive way so as to establish trust for your potential casino players.

Customizing the Casino Website

This front-end part of your website has to appeal to players in a powerful visual way. By piquing their interest with attractively designed front-end pages, players will be more inclined to have a go with real money in your casino. You also need to make sure that the design is in line with the name of the casino and its branding, and the URL used must show its brand name exactly. Your logo should be prominent and eye catching and appear everywhere including the games and the META tags.

Customizing the Casino Games

When players play at your online casino, you need to make sure that they experience a seamless playing experience without awkward redirects to dubious URLs with weird page names. This will highly discredit your casino for the players. Especially when they are depositing money, make sure that you set up pages for them to deposit with a professionally designed interface in order to gain their trust and retain them as loyal customers. On pages where the games are available, make sure that you observe the following:

  • Clear casino name indicated
  • Clear casino logo shown
  • Style and color of the game interface should not contrast the website design
  • Information on license, payment options, promotional offers have to be provided prominently and not hidden as small print

Do not make your games look copied or cloned just like what they can see on another website. If your software allows as many customization features for the games as possible, even the better. The main thing is to understand that you only have one chance to make the first impression sit well with your players when they view your casino games so make it count in your favor. It should always be your goal to impress your visitors and turn them into money-playing players at your online casino.

In conclusion

By managing these three types of customization well for your white label casino, you will be on your way to real success as a turnkey casino operator. Legit software providers do not charge you much for customization as their real source of income is from the revenue share model so make sure you work with them to squeeze out as much customization juice as possible. In addition, make sure you steer clear of providers who are trying to sell your software without much customization power. These are scam tactics and their software programs are essential rubbish that won’t yield you a steady source of income when you implement them.

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