PrepaidATM is a unique in that no banking account information is required to open an account. It is characterized by safe transactions. Working like a debit card, the PrepaidATM is a safe way to deposit money into a casino account. Casino deposits are safe and quick and all personal data is kept secure.

Preзaid ATM is a diverse alternative deposit method that allows the transferring and depositing of funds without a banking account. The card is highly secure and can be used at any location where debit cards are accepted. This means the card itself can replace a banking account debit card, while the PrePaid ATM account can be used to make transactions online. Transactions, which do not reveal any personal information, are accomplished in real time, except for purchases of goods to be delivered. The service is available to international users, although U.S. citizens are afforded more options in using the card. (See the various means of depositing funds onto the card below) The only currency supported by PrePaid ATM is $US Dollars.

Limitations of fund use at ATM’s and retail transactions are: $1,000 when used within a 24 hour period for both U.S. and International account holders & $3,000 maximum over a time span of seven days for U.S. account holders.

Maximum fund usage for online purchases over a twenty-four hour time span is $5,000.

Besides internet and retail purchasing, the PrePaid ATM card can be used at automated teller machines with the appropriate logos worldwide and to receive funds from selling goods over the internet, such as through eBay.

Funding a card is quite simple. Account holders only need to click on the ‘Funding’ option, which will then list the many different methods of funding the PrePaid ATM account. They are:

  • Paycheck Direct Deposit — You can enable your employer to deposit your wages into a PrePaid ATM account. It takes a small amount of paperwork, including simple directions to give your employer.
  • ACH Electronic Check & Instant ACH — Comes with a 4% deposit fee on all transfers from a valid banking account. After using the service once, players are permitted to use the Instant Feature. Deposits are limited to $500 in a 24 hour period and $1,500 in a seven day time span. After keeping an account for more than thirty days, deposits are bumped to $1,000 in 24 hours and $2,500 over a seven day time span. The Instant Feature deposits funds in real-time and permits up to $5,000 in a 24 hour period. Users must complete and fax an ACH Form to PrePaid ATM, along with a copy of identification and a signed/voided check. After depositing for the first time, funds will be available after four days.
  • Credit Cards — After approving a credit card, funds are available instantly. Before approval, which consists of faxing a credit card authorization agreement, front and back of credit card, and a photo ID, U.S. players are permitted to make a $500 deposit maximum, while international account holders must wait for approval before depositing any funds. This is no big burden since the approval process normally only takes one hour. All deposits are made as U. S. Dollars. Maximum deposits are $1,000 in 24 hours, $2,500 in seven days, and $5,000 in a thirty day time period.
  • Bank Wire — This is a direct banking account transfer available to U.S. players and Level 2 International account holders. To get started, all players have to do is send an email to customer service to which they will reply with instructions.

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